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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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claxton afternoon. this is the regular meeting of the planning commission for thursday, may 3rd, 2012. i read like to remind ever went to turn off their cell phones. commisioner miguel: aye. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye.
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commissioner sugaya: aye. president fong: aye. commissioner wu: aye. we have a full commission. items one through five make up the consent calendar this week. they are considered to be routine and will be acted upon by a single roll-call vote of this commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless this commission, the public, where staff has any matters that will be removed from the consent calendar for a future hearing. item one is a request for a conditional use authorization to establish an automobile and scooter repair business with in the basement and second floor of an existing building located at
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1528-1540 pine street, with accessory automobile and scooter sales located at the ground floor. conditional year's authorization is required to establish the automotive repair business at the basement level and the automotive repair years at the second belt. the project sponsor is requesting that the zoning administrator eliminate the of street parking requirements for the uses. the project is located within the polk street neighborhood commercial district. although tenant improvements are proposed for the building, the size of the space will not change. item number two is 20 12.0038c. also request for a conditional use authorization. this one is to allow an approximately 1500 square foot dog day care center for between 12-30 dogs.
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item three is a case number 20 12.0273c. a request for a conditional use authorization to convert vacant garage space. previously a parking facility now a vacant convalescent care facility, to turn it into a commercial parking garage. item number four is 2,011.0468b. it is a request for office development authorization to establish 48,007 under 32 square feet of office years under the eastern neighborhoods legitimization program. item five is a case number 20 12.0169cv.
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a request for a conditional use authorization to modify prior conditions of approval to extend the time to construct a five- story, 36-dwelling unit multifamily building to january, 2014. commissioners, following any public comment, which would automatically remove these items from the consent calendar, these items are before you for your consideration. >> is there -- president fong: is there any public comment? seeing none, commissioner borden. commissioner borden: i move to approve items one through five on consent. >> second. >> items one through five, there is a motion to approve.
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[roll-call vote] those items are approved. are there any other items? >> i would like to congratulate the planning department for receiving these special achievement award regarding the payment to parks project. -- pavement to parks project. it is a wonderful achievement. and i would like to include the citizens of san francisco in winning this award. it is not just policy, but it is really the attitude about how the city is embracing this. it is a very forward-looking idea. >> i have had meetings and
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conversations for requests on the calendar, 2507 larkin. i just wanted to mention that. congratulations to the city and the bayview hunters shipyard for the funding that was obtained. the mayor just had a press conference for that moment ago. commisioner miguel: i was just at that press conference. the lead developer at hunters point, candlestick point compoun -- candlestick point, a check was received for the foundation to disperse the public funds. regarding that dispersal, $7.2 million goes along way in this
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regard. the entire community there was rep and very appreciative of this coming through. this is something that is not happening in the rest of the country. i talked to planning commissioners in various areas in california as well as other areas around the country. they are having a very hard time with things. they're not in the more optimistic anticipatory mode that san francisco developers and officials are. we are in a very rare position here. we should take time to appreciate it. >commissioner sugaya: last saturday i had the privilege of being part of a program sponsored by the bart station. it was a celebration of 60 years
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of the japanese-american evacuation. the station was on the side of the racetrack, which was used as an assembly area for the people in the east bay, where they were first assembled before they were sent to the internment camps further inland. most of the evacuees winter topaz, where i was born. -- went to topaz, where i was born. the exhibit was of dorothea elaine photographs that she took at the center. jackie spear was a speaker, and stayed, surprisingly, for about an hour and a half. with representatives from san bruno, foster city, san francisco, and others. representative mike honda and nancy pelosi also had representatives there.
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it was a really great event. the exhibit is open if you are ever traveling on bart and want to go to the san bruno station. it is up for the month of may, which is the pacific islander america -- whatever it is called -- heritage month. it will be up for the entire month of may in the station. the organizers are hoping that we will be able to get bart track a permanent memorial there. commissioner moore: i want to acknowledge commissioner sugaya for what he just shared with us. my understanding is that this exhibit was to be in the san francisco library. is that incorrect? commissioner sugaya: there is a separate exhibit at the san francisco may library -- main library through june 24th. it is slightly different.
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there are about 30 to 40 pieces of art that were created by internees while they were at the topaz internment camp. it is on the fourth four and is free. during the month of may and june, the library is sponsoring a number of evening lectures and events. commissioner moore: the other thing i wanted to share with the commission is that the mayor in doing the signing ceremony for the america's cup thanked at this commission for its support. -- thanked this commission for its support. it is up and running, although we have not seen the final version of america's cup light. >> thank you, commissioners.
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we can now move on to directors reports, directors announcements, and a review of the board of supervisors and more appeals and the preservation commission. i wanted to thank the commissioner for the nia award. and related to that, i was part of a group including supervisor avalos that cut the ribbon for the 27th part what, which is in the excelsior district. this was actually built by a group of students, designed and built by a group of students through an organization called the out of sight youth center in excelsior. the students were all there and very proud of it. the 27 parklet and there are
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about 40 more in the pipeline. it is really exciting. and also in terms of award, and i do not think i got to mention it at the conference in l.a. last month, the department received a national award for the hard-1 victory category. -- hard-won victory category. it was nice to get that recognition any room of about 3000 people during the awards ceremony. it was gratifying. the board of appeals did not meet this week, so there is no update on that item. >>commissioner moore: would be possible for you to give us an update, where you are supporting it, where you're holding back, what you are seen to create
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creative diverse solutions. >> i will put some things together for you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm here to present a summary of the board of land use. last week ran a little long, so you did not get to hear about this hearing prepared there's a hearing on the impact the furlough program and its affect on affordable housing. a presentation was made by the office of workforce and economic development. only 17% of the projects
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currently satisfy the affordable housing requirement. only 17% of them pay the fees. the rise to some sort of housing development. since the start of the program in july, 2010, only four have qualified and they have all participated. these projects have paid $1.3 million and deferred $7.5 million prepared -- $7.5 million. with the feet deferral program, it begins slightly earlier at about $800 per square foot instead of $850 per square foot. since the fee deferral program came at an economic -- at a difficult time economically, the program has been difficult and